Bulletin #47 Your Right to Refuse Substitution

Bulletin #47
August 5, 2021



Brothers, Sisters, Friends:

Recently I have been receiving calls from Officers being forced to substitute into a lower classification. 

I would like to inform you of your right to refuse substitution under Article 32.03:

(d) Employees shall have the right to refuse substitution, except as defined in their job descriptions. Employees who have accepted training and/or education at the Company’s expense shall be required to substitute into positions they are capable of performing.


(f) It is understood that substitution shall not be required when there is a Staffing Pool/ASTO Relief employee of the appropriate classification available.

We maintain your right to refuse substitution into roles that are not your base position.  If you have been forced to substitute into a position after trying to refuse that role please get in contact with your Local President, or Shop Steward, and file a grievance.  You also have an obligation to refuse unsafe work or that you are not trained to perform. 

In Solidarity,

Dan Kimmerly
Ships’ Officers’ Component President


View as a pdf: Bulletin #47 Right to Refuse Substitution