Bulletin #22 Gender Neutral Assignments in the Workplace

Bulletin #22
April 13, 2021

Gender Neutral Assignments in the Workplace

This bulletin is to provide confirmation that the Union and the Company agree and expect that gender neutral terms are used when designating cleaning functions on all vessels and shore based facilities, and that cleaning assignments are not to be made on the basis of gender.

Cleaning assignments are to be rotated. For example – designations shall be against the routine of the day, i.e. “Cleaner A”, “Cleaner B” and “Relief Cleaner” (not male or female Cleaner) and these assignments shall not be gender specific.

It is our understanding that this expectation has been communicated to those assigning duties in order to ensure all areas are in compliance and that this does not occur in the future.  

Moving forward, if you are aware of workers being assigned cleaning duties based on gender, please advise your Local President or Union Shop Steward. The Company has been quite clear that this is not an acceptable practice.

Our collective goal is to ensure that gender inequities do not creep into the workplace, and we will continue our efforts to ensure fairness and equity in the workplace.


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