Bulletin #14 Article 17.05 – Emloyee Required to Change Shift

Bulletin #14
March 22, 2021


BCFMWU has been notified that a number of our members have had inconsistent experiences in how Article 17.05 has been applied, specifically what constitutes three (3) days’ notice for a change of shift.

At our recent Sr. UMC Meeting BCFS confirmed the application of 17.05.  Please note the example below:

What is acceptable:

Today is Monday

  • BCFS calls the employee in the AM to change their shift on Thursday from a PM to an AM shift.
  • If BCFS calls Monday AM and change to have them work Thursday AM this MEETS the intent of 3 days’ notice.

What is NOT acceptable:

Today is Monday

  • BCFS calls the employee in the AM and change their shift to work Wednesday.
  • BCFS cannot say Monday is one day, Tuesday is two days and Wednesday is the third day.
  • In this example BCFS may barely be covering 48-56 hours. This is NOT the intent of 3 days.

Given there can be any number of variables not considered in this general application, please contact your Crewing Department or your Local Shop Steward and/or Local

President if you understand these procedures have not been followed in your situation.


To view as a pdf: Bulletin #14 Article 17.05 – Employee Required to Change Shift