Message from the President – September 23, 2021

September 23, 2021

Brothers, Sisters, Comrades,

I should be writing to you about the first few months in office, the projects started, the training planned, actions taken, members I have spoken with since the election, and what will be happening over the autumn and winter internally for the BCFMWU.

Unfortunately, I see a more pressing matter, and it may not be what you might be thinking; sure, I have an opinion on vaccinations, but I was elected to strengthen and uphold the Collective Agreement on behalf of you…the true Union.

I want to raise Article 1.09 -Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Human Rights under which both parties, the Union and the Employer, have committed to a working environment that ensures and promotes the dignity of all employees.

I ask that every day we show up to work, we look at the co workers who have stood shoulder to shoulder for three waves and continue to for this 4th wave and commit to treating each other with respectful and professional dialogue and meet our obligations under 1.09 of the Collective Agreement. It isn’t just “the parties” that must ensure dignity for all, it is the responsibility of each and everyone of us in our worksites. Each of us must ensure that regardless of political, religious, or medical position we treat everyone we work with, with respect and professionalism.  Different viewpoints and discussions, diversity of experience is what makes us stronger as a Union. We must be careful not to dehumanise those we disagree with. In our self-righteousness, we can become the very things we criticise…and not even know it.

You have been amazing through the pandemic and the Union will continue to articulate your worth as essential workers in the province of British Columbia.

In Solidarity,

Eric McNeely
Provincial President


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