Bulletin #30 Union Grieves BCFS Signing or Retention Payments

Bulletin #30
June 8, 2022


The Union has initiated a grievance proceeding against BC Ferries’ “Signing or Retention Payments Policy”.

The policy introduces reward incentives that are not encompassed in Appendix C or any other compensatory Article inclusive of our Collective Agreement.

While the Union acknowledges there are challenges to remaining a competitive BC Top Employer 2022, we believe providing additional compensation to all employees would be equitable and demonstrate a level of care for all.

Most people are familiar with cell phone or cable carriers who have incentives for new customers or customers who threaten to leave but have little to offer the bulk of the customers who keep the system operating.

BCFMWU members are feeling like those existing cell phone customers. There is no recognition of the value we currently hold or acknowledgement of the years of hardship endured through wave after wave of the pandemic and low staff levels heading into the busiest season of the year.

It would be equitable and defensible to take the value of all anticipated signing or retention payments and to distribute the funds evenly among the workforce as an acknowledgement of the value we hold as employees helping BC Ferries and coastal British Columbians recovering economically from COVID with soaring inflation affecting each and everyone of us.


To view as a pdf: Bulletin #30 Union Grieves BCFS Signing or Retention Payments