Bulletin #16 Queen of the North

Bulletin #16
March 22, 2022


March 22nd marks 16 years since the Queen of the North. Moments in time that saw the loss of two lives and the need to substantially improve safety culture.

In the past 16 years there have been improvements in safety culture, however we must not rest on our laurels. We are reminded that complacency can hurt as we saw in the rescue boat incidents on the Queen of Cumberland and the Spirit of Vancouver Island. We are reminded that complacency leads to loss of life with the tragic loss at Deas Dock. 

The BCFMWU continues to advocate for an effective and just safety culture for our members and the excluded employees who work alongside us.

If you or a co-worker are in need of any emotional support or someone to talk to, you are encouraged to contact Homewood Health Employee & Family Assistance at 1.800.663.1142. Support counsellors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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