Bulletin #64 BCFMWU Committees Appointees

Bulletin #64
November 12, 2021


The Provincial Executive has selected the following nominees to sit on the following committees:

Communications Committee: Rachel Franklin
Jessica Howe
Spencer Ostrom
Francis Sorace
Education Committee: Lucas Anaka
Tracy Goyer
Jessica Howe
First Nations Vision: Rod Amos
  Karla Pinneo
Human Rights Committee:
Claude Beaudry
  Dora Boyd
  Jeremy Filipek
  Matt Stogran
Women’s Committee:
Dora Boyd
  Dawn Chivers
  Tracy Goyer
  Christine Shakespeare
Young Workers Committee:
Kimberly Cole
  Jordan de Brouwer
  Jeremy Filipek
  Max Miller

Congratulations from the Provincial Executive to all of the new Committee members.  The Provincial Executive would like to thank the past Committee members for their involvement and thank you to all members who put their name forward to be involved in these Committees.  It is great to see such enthusiasm from our members.


To view as a pdf: Bulletin #64 BCFMWU Committees Appointees