Bulletin #58 Realignments on Routes 1 and 30

Bulletin #58
October 14, 2021


The Union has recently been made aware the Company intends to initiate significant watch realignments on Routes 1 and 30.  The changes as we know them are outlined below.   The Union has taken exception to not being properly notified, given the scope of anticipated changes. The consultation by notification is detrimental to a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between the Employer and the Union. Accordingly, the Union will engage aggressively on matters that we see as violations of the Collective Agreement.

To date we have been told the Employer intends to realign employees in the following manner:

  1.  Any realignment would be to balance required tickets/certifications between watches, on a seniority basis, where able.
  2.  Realignment will consider a balance between watches for vacation blocks and/or member vacation blocks arbitrarily changed.
  3.  The Company may choose to move employees from Regular Watch to Staffing Pool, or Staffing Pool to Regular Watch as part of the realignment.
  4.  The Company may choose to move employees between Route 1 and 30 for the purposes of the realignment.
  5.  At the meeting held last week, Company representatives stated this was the official notice to the Union.

To be clear, if you are a member affected by the pending Route 1 or 30 Watch Realignment, please reach out and provide your information to your Local Shop Steward or Local Executive. The Union will review the collated information and will grieve where any violations of the Collective Agreement are deemed to have taken place.


To view as a pdf: Bulletin #58 Realignments on Routes 1 and 30