Bulletin #33 Mission to Seafarers Cycling Fundraiser

Bulletin #33
June 14, 2021

Mission to Seafarers Cycling Fundraiser

The Mission to Seafarers needs your support, as it relies primarily on the fundraising activities and donations it receives from the community.

Each year the Mission to Seafarers holds a Cycling for Seafarers event to raise awareness and funds to care for the wellbeing of visiting seafarers. Again this year, starting on the International Day of the Seafarer Friday June 25th it will be a two month long virtual event until Saturday August 28th where participants try to reach personal goals while maintaining social distancing rules.

Seafarers are front line workers, the lifeblood of the shipping industry. An industry that keeps many of us employed. They are the grease that keeps the supply chain intact providing us with most of the things we need or use daily.

Through sponsorship of this year’s Cycling for Seafarers, you will be sending a message of hope and encouragement to the seafarers. Your support says you understand the extra hardships placed on them and you recognize the importance of their contribution during such an uncertain time and the need for vaccinations for seafarers.

Your contributions will go towards:

  • Providing care packages taken onboard.
  • Much-needed friendship with a sympathetic ear from our ship visiting Chaplains.
  • A watchful eye in partnership with others to make sure they are all safe and well.
  • Support for the two on-shore facilities that provide seafarers a Home Away from Home when they are able to get shore leave.

The past year with Covid 19 has been extremely challenging for seafarers who have had to endure longer periods on board and extended time away from families due to restrictions on shore leave and crew changes around the world. The plight of the seafarers is often invisible to many Canadians and so the work of the Mission to Seafarers has never been more important.

We need your support as a donor and/or a rider in this year’s event.

Please make your contribution to: The Mission to Seafarers, 401 East Waterfront Rd., Vancouver, BC V6A 4G9.

For more information about the event or to register as a participant or to make a donation please visit our website: https://www.flyingangel.ca/


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