Bulletin #23 Provincial Executive Officers Election Results

Bulletin #23
April 27, 2021


Provincial Returning Officer, Jenn MacPherson and Assistant Returning Officer, Russ Surbey, have completed the ballot count for the Provincial Executive Officers’ positions.  Ballots counted for each of the four positions vary as not all members who cast ballots voted for all four positions.  The results are as follows:

Provincial President: Brian Lalli 656
Eric McNeely 874
Spoiled Ballots 2
Total 1,532
Provincial 1st Vice President: Carl Campbell 660
Paula White 803
Spoiled Ballots 7
Total 1,560
Provincial 2nd Vice President: Dave Lines 660
John Macdonald 833
Spoiled Ballots 12
Total 1,465
Provincial Secretary-Trasurer: Lezlie Gorosh-Carey 865
  Stuart Pelly 597
  Spoiled Ballots 6
  Total 1,468


To view as a pdf: Bulletin #23 Provincial Executive Officers Election Results – 2021