Bulletin #2 Remedy Discussions Regarding Hall Ruling

Bulletin #2
January 25, 2021


Sisters, Brothers, Friends;

The purpose of this bulletin is to update you on the status of discussions on remedy items flowing from the Hall Award on layoffs:

Regular Employees:

The following items are considered completed or near to being completed:

  • 25% pay was calculated and processed before end of December pay;
  • Pension adjustments with no break in active service or disruption in regular contributions was reported to PSPP and reflected on November/December pay;
  • Vacation leave accruals adjustments made in December;
  • Route 12 “Northern Differential” paid retroactively by end of December pay;
  • Allowances to be paid out retroactively – OFA, Isolation, Clothing (this requires manual payroll entry which is taking some time to identify and process).

Casual Employees:

  • 30-day working notice – any shifts that the casual employee was able and eligible to work that were filled with a junior employee within the 30-day period shall be paid (ongoing effort to identify affected members time to process.

Still Under Discussion:

  • Delayed job postings for regular and casual;
  • Pension adjustment for casual;
  • Differential mileage/time travel to Duke Point;
  • Pandemic & casual availability to meet certain thresholds [457 hours to continue Health and Welfare Benefits per Article 8.03 (e), and 240 hours to continue employment per Article 8.04 (d)].

Outstanding Items:

  • 10-hour day differential per Article 16.06;
  • PTO recalculations;
  • Casual employee access to severance;
  • Any other issue that may be identified *

*This list is not meant to be exhaustive, and items not identified here can still be raised, all outstanding items that cannot be settled by agreement may be sent to Arbitrator Hall for final and binding resolution.

The process of determining remedy up to this point has been constructive, and suggests fair settlement of the outstanding issues sooner than later. We will provide further updates as they are confirmed.


To view as a pdf: Bulletin #2 Remedy Discussions Regarding Hall Ruling