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VDLC Regular Meeting

April 16, Tuesday

7:00 pm 

Maritime Labour Centre

1880 Triumph St.


Guest Speaker:

  • Vancouver Park Board Commissioner John Irwin
  • Tessica Truong, Run for Office Campaign


Educational Component:

BC Women in Trades, Build Together – Ashley Duncan and Emelia Colman-Shepherd


The following resolutions will be dealt with:



a)      MS that the following recommendation be adopted:

Subject:  Spending Authorizations

THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL authorize the following expenditures:

  • Ruling Class Roadshow, donation of $100
  • Canadian Labour International Film Festival, donation of $100
  • Community Legal Assistance Society, donation of $100


b)      Moved to accept the application of IAMAW Local Lodge 16 (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers) to affiliate 100 members to the Vancouver and District Labour Council.


c)      MS that the following recommendation be adopted:

Subject:  #LostVotesYVR Campaign for Permanent Resident Voting

BECAUSE permanent residents share the same responsibilities as citizens; they work, live, own homes, rent, use public services, and are otherwise fully participating members of our communities; and


BECAUSE despite this, permanent residents can’t vote, including in municipal elections, where representatives who will determine the course of the communities, they live in are elected; and


BECAUSE excluding permanent residents from voting wrongly suggests their voices are less valuable, and can cause disengagement, which is a loss to our municipalities; and


BECAUSE the advocacy group Fresh Voices has launched the #LostVotesYVR campaign for permanent resident voting; and


BECAUSE Vancouver City Councilors voted unanimously to study permanent resident voting in April of 2018, but to date no changes have been made, and the 2018 municipal election passed without permanent residents having the opportunity to vote,


THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL endorse the #LostVotes2018 campaign, supporting the call for voting right to be extended to permanent residents.


d)      MS that the following recommendation be adopted:

Subject:  #BuildSchoolsRight Campaign

BECAUSE many communities in BC, including here in our District, desperately need new schools to replace old, seismically unsafe ones, those containing health hazards like asbestos and lead, and to replace portables where communities have outgrown existing schools; and


BECAUSE new schools are being build on average 30% smaller than those they are replacing, and are lacking important learning spaces, due to the Ministry of Education’s policy (the “Area Standards”) that sets out how schools are to be built in BC and determines the amount of money that will be budgeted for construction of a school; and


BECAUSE this policy does not allocate space for art rooms, music rooms, adequate hallway space, washrooms, staff rooms, sufficient gymnasium space, and other necessities for successful inclusive learning; and


BECAUSE the Ministry of Education has responded to concerns about this policy by stating that it plans to review the policy but, in the meantime, districts have “flexibility” to design schools as long as they stay within budget. This does not provide an adequate solution to the lack of funding for important spaces in new schools,


THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL endorse the #BuildSchoolsRight campaign; and


THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL FURTHER write to Minister of Education Rob Fleming, Premier John Horgan, BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson, and BC Green leader Andrew Weaver in support of prioritizing the Ministry’s review of its Area Standards policy and ensuring that review is consultative and addresses the concerns raised.


e)      MS that the following recommendation be adopted:

Subject: Free Parking at Hospitals for Patients, Families, Loved Ones and Workers

BECAUSE HospitalPayParking.ca is campaigning and advocating to uphold the Canada Health Act which states, “to protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well-being of residents of Canada and to facilitate reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers”; and


BECAUSE hospital parking fees pose a barrier to health care, the charges amount to “parking-centred health care,” and the practice of charging patients for parking, claiming that such costs contravene the Canada Health Act because they constitute indirect user fees; and


BECAUSE patients should not have to avoid seeking care or cut appointments due to high parking costs; and


BECAUSE Canada’s Healthcare is socialized medicine; everyone shares in the cost to provide the service. Our province’s Health Authorities are entrusted with multi-billion dollar operating budgets. In comparison, the ill-gotten gains from hospital pay parking contribute a pittance. Adding up to less than one-third of one percent of their total budget, these funds are obviously not a financial necessity and have no place in our publicly funded system; and


BECAUSE Pay parking is a user fee that discriminates, patient care should not dependent on pay parking, pay parking is a financial barrier, and patients, family and loved ones should NOT be subjected to unnecessary stress and/or burdens,

THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL endorse the HospitalPayParking.ca campaign and promote it and its objectives. The VDLC will reach out/write letters to all levels of government, Municipal, Provincial, and Federal to express our concerns and issues with hospitals and/or their privately contracted companies who charge patients, family and workers fees for parking.


f)       MS that the following recommendation be adopted:
Subject: Seniority is No Joke

BECAUSE in January of 2018 negotiations for the re opener of the Safeway collective agreement began. From the beginning Sobeys has been clear that their only interest is in concessionary demands; and


BECAUSE after months of fruitless meetings negotiations reached an impasse and the Minister of Labour appointed Vince Ready as a Special Officer under Section 106 of the BC Labour Code. In December of 2018 Special Officer Ready handed down his final decision of the Safeway/Sobeys re-opener which contained a number of concessions; and


BECAUSE this decision included a requirement for Sobeys to offer a buyout to senior employees. These "bought" hours may be used at the company's discretion. Many Safeway members have accepted this offer; and


BECAUSE Sobeys has made it clear that they intend to use these hours without respect to seniority. Long service Safeway members, who have given their lives to the company and continue to work hard day after day to keep it going will face cuts to their hours and benefits as a result of this,


THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL write to Sobeys President Michael Medline to call on him to protect the hours and benefits of Safeway's long service employees; and


THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL urge affiliates to support UFCW 1518 members at Safeway through their "Seniority is No Joke" Campaign to send messages to Medline and Sobeys.


i)   MS             that the following recommendation be adopted:

Subject: Climate Strike

BECAUSE the next Canada wide focused climate strike is May 3rd; and


BECAUSE the main goal of these student-organized actions is to join the global call to support our youth’s demands for governments to start acting to combat climate change; and


BECAUSE Trade Unions for Energy Democracy bring unions from all sectors together so that we can collectively find a way to become strong, independent agents of progressive change. Some of their goals are to:

-Help build and strengthen a global trade union community for energy democracy. TUED is a platform for trade unions from all sectors and countries to debate, develop and promote real solutions to the climate crisis, land grabs, energy poverty, and pollution generated by fossil fuels — solutions that can build unions, worker and community power, and advance social and environmental justice,

-Develop high-impact union educational materials, distribute an electronic bulletin, and convene meetings and working retreats that encourage debate and help create a shared analysis of key energy and climate issues,

-Connect the energy democracy agenda to union struggles and campaigns in ways that build broad membership engagement, increase worker power, and facilitate solidarity across movements that share similar goals; and


BECAUSE the Canadian Labour Congress is already a member of TUED; and


BECAUSE the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has reported that if we stay under the temperature increase of 1.5 degrees, we will be able to mitigate the disastrous effects of climate change, including the eventual extinction of our species and most other species. This will only occur with drastic, immediate global action,


THE VANCOUVER AND DISTRICT LABOUR COUNCIL WILL join the Trade Unions for Energy Democracy initiative, a global, multi-sector initiative to advance democratic direction and control of energy in a way that promotes solutions to the climate crisis, energy poverty, and the degradation of both land and people, and responds to the attacks on workers’ rights and protections; and



•    Presents an existential threat, being a “global emergency” according to the 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report; and

•    Has already had negative impacts both internationally and in Canada, as evidenced by the breaking of heat records, prolonged and more aggressive forest fire seasons, and increased extreme weather patterns; and

•    Is a product of inequality, with 70% of the world’s global emissions caused by 100 of the world’s largest companies; and

•    Will have the biggest impact on working-class people and developing countries; and

•    Requires immediate and wide-reaching action within the next decade to avoid disaster and therefore:

I.    Endorse all future strikes by the climate student strikers

II.   Express our solidarity with climate student strikers fighting for real climate action

III.  Offer practical support for the strike, including, but not limited to: promotion of the strike and encouraging members to attend.




No Pizza Educational

The VDLC will not be holding regular pizza educationals, but instead will include an educational component to the meeting. 


Guests are always welcome to attend VDLC Regular meetings to observe.





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