Return to Work Safety Plan

If any staff member has symptoms of a communicable disease (e.g., fever or chills, coughing, diarrhea) should communicate that with their supervisor and not come into the office.

A non-medical face mask is required inside the building’s public spaces and proof of vaccination will be required for meetings.

The office continues with modified operations including a rotating office schedule for staff.

The following protective measures remaining in place:

  1. The hand cleaning supplies, and hygiene reminder posters will remain
  2. Directional arrows in place for traffic flow in frequently used common areas (e.g. production room)
  3. Sanitizer for high touch areas and equipment (printer/copier and kitchen appliances)
  4. Physical barrier at reception
  5. The current cleaning practises for high contact points will remain
  6. Signage to be placed at each entry point to the building

We will continue to review, update, and communicate the safety plan as new information is received and health orders implemented.

*The health control measures in place are subject to change under direction of the PHO and/or WorkSafe BC as needed. *