Young Workers’ Committee Terms of Reference

A Young Worker is classified as being 35 years old and under.


  • Promote awareness of BCFMWU with Young Workers (, organize, educate and engage).
  • Promote involvement of Young Workers – Seasonal, Casual and Regular.
  • Inform Young Workers of the labour movement, its history and current relevance.
  • Inform Young Workers of global issues and how they are affected.
  • Work on social justice campaigns including rights for migrant workers and other non-unionized workers who struggle for workplace dignity.

Part 1 – Education

In order to empower young workers to be strong labour leaders for the future, education is a priority. Educating the Young Workers’ Committee (YWC) will enable the YWC to communicate effectively and knowledgably about BCFMWU, the labour movement and issues that affect young workers (YW), and encourage them to participate in the Union and labour as a whole.

Part 2 – Communications

Communication is a key part of the growth and success of the YWC and labour as a whole. The Committee would like to work on Young Worker engagement through bulletins, email, participation in new hire sessions and Local meetings, and in consultation with the Communications Committee and Solidarity Committee. 

Part 3 – Build the Committee and Group

It is important for the overall success of the Committee that they reach out to Young Workers, engage and encourage them to participate.

By combining education and communication the Committee will be able to grow. The members of the YWC are willing to attend Local meetings in other areas to encourage YW participation. The YWC may hold a social or sports event to encourage participation in a less formal way.

The goal is to have a YW representative in each Local and Component. We will also seek to be a representatively diverse community within the YWC.


To view as a pdf: Young Workers CommitteeTerms of Reference January 2016.pdf