Human Rights Committee Terms of Reference

Mission Statement

All Human Rights Legislation in Canada establishes the right of every Canadian to equality of opportunity in employment and the right to be free of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Terms of Reference

The BCFMWU Human Rights Committee will promote:

  • The BC Human Rights Code and the Federal Human Rights Code.
  • Offer recommendations to the Union on policy, procedures and practice of the respective codes.
  • Education (on a regular basis) and support to all Locals and Union members.
  • A good working relationship with BC Ferry Services and the Union.

The goals of the BCFMWU Human Rights Committee are:

  • Promote the Human Rights of all BCFMWU members and work towards the eradication of discrimination in our workplace(s).
  • Eliminate discrimination on the basis of age, ancestry, colour, race, place of origin, family or marital status, sexual orientation, political or religious belief, physical or mental disability, gender/gender identity, and the social condition in our Union, our workplaces and society.
  • Develop and make recommendations to the Provincial Executive on resolutions to our Bargaining Conferences and Conventions and to organizations to which we are affiliated.
  • Ensure that work of the Committee is communicated to our Union’s membership through our Locals and consider issues raised by the Provincial Executive and our Locals.
  • Liaise with the Education, Solidarity, Young Workers and Communication Committees to seek input and provide input re: our Union’s education program and communication strategy.
  • Liaise with BCGEU and BC Federation of Labour representatives on relevant external committees and working groups.
  • Work to eliminate all forms of discrimination, harassment, bullying and any behaviors synonymous with a poisoned workplace environment.

Committee Structure

The Committee will work to fulfill the requirements of the BCFMWU Constitution, in particular Article 10, Section 2 – Component Representation on Committees, and Section 3 – Duties.


To view as a pdf: Human Rights Committee Terms of Reference