Local 1 Notice – Local 1 Good and Welfare Committee Welcome Letter

Local 1 Notice
March 15, 2022


Who are we and what do we do?

The Team:

Demi Leuchter Catering 250.812.6019
Mariah Hagedorn Deck 250.216.3873
Devin Milner Terminal 250.221.0792

We are a team of volunteers who have the support of the Union, specifically Local 1 and its members, to fill in the gaps when our fellow brothers and sisters suddenly find themselves needing a hand up.  We are accountable to the Local 1 President, and we keep records of where and how we allocate funds.  Email: goodandwelfarelocal1@gmail.com

Need help? Contact any of the individuals above, who will bring it to the Committee where we will try to help as best we can.  For anyone reaching out, it will be kept confidential unless we have your permission to do otherwise. 

How do we work?

  1. We get applications and collectively approve and provide funding to those who need help with the Local 1 President overseeing the process.
  2. Our annual event goals are to:
    1. host two (2) union sponsored events for Local 1 unlicensed members. One of them being a joint management event.
    2. Organize a minimum of two (2) major fundraisers (note: there is no limit on fundraising events as they can be driven by both the Committee and/or the individual or group

Where do the funds come from and how do I apply?

  1. Personal Donations;
  2. Fundraisers – events, prize raffles by donation, bottle drives, etc;
  3. Gifts from BCFMWU, Local 1, and BCFS;
  4. Sponsorships – BCFMWU.

All monies raised will go into the Good and Welfare fund which is in a subsidiary account attached to the Local 1 financial account.  Those funds will then be allocated back to crew in need with a small portion going to fundraising events (venues, prizes, posters, operating supplies, etc).

There will be a new application process where Local 1 members can apply for help.  All applications will be looked at and funds will be allocated on a case-by-case basis:

  1. For major requests, funds are capped at a total maximum of $500 per person per year.
  2. For lesser requests, a recipient can typically expect a reimbursement up to$100.
  3. Requests can include community-based charity work (ie. school supply kits for underprivileged kids, Christmas stockings for the homeless, etc) but we cannot guarantee funds will be approved as members in personal need will take precedence.

How can you be part of the team?

If you are selected to be a “rep” you will have to commit to:

  1. being part of a messaging app where we can communicate ideas, hold informal meetings, etc;
  2. volunteering at events whenever able;
  3. help manage ticket sales, promote events, and be the info person.

If you want to volunteer:

  1. We are always looking for event volunteers, so just message us when we make the call out for an event. It’s always fun!
  2. We love ideas, pitch them! Everything will be considered.
  3. Provide feedback.


To view as a pdf: Local 1 Notice – Good and Welfare Committee Welcome Letter