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The VDLC has a new Solidarity in Action Committee. Visit here to find out more about upcoming Solidarity Action.

Video from the picket line at Porter Airlines in Toronto. The Solidarity Committee stood with these locked out workers while attending the Canadian Labour Congress Political Action Conference in March, 2013.

 Committee Terms of Reference

  • Inform and educate the membership on political matters that affect working people both historically and today
  • Engage our members in the electoral process
  • Lobby governments to address the needs of BC Ferry and Marine Workers Union and the Labour Movement
  • Train and mentor Union activists
  • Mobilize members to attend rallies and events and actions around social justice
  • Work towards building a sustainable green economy and environmental justice
  • Report to and take direction from the Provincial Executive on matters of political action
  • Be a part of affiliates political action committees and activities
  • Write and submit political resolutions to the BCFED and CLC conventions through the Provincial Executive
  • Engage in the political economic struggles of the working class
  • Have the capacity to identify political issues that will affect working people
  • Be active in international solidarity movements understanding the mutual effects of globalization
  • Support the Global peace movement and its aims of a peaceful and nuclear free world

"For the Union Makes Us Strong"


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